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Master Verification

Once made the zinc disc, this is had to put under an exhaustive tests to verify its integrity, as much physical as “logic”, that is to say, that contains the information that would have to.

For it it’s put under a series of tests, including an examination to microscope, to obtain micrographs of the surface of the disc and to visualize if the “crests and valleys” (or what is the same, the zeros and ones of the digital information) are correctly “worked”, including the inclination of his walls that allow the correct extraction of Cds stamped from this master.

This process of manufacture of the masters, because its complexity and the number of tests which it is had to put under, last, at least, 3 days. To do it in less is, literally, impossible.

The injection / staping explanation continues ...

  1. The stamping master
  2. Mastes 2
  3. Master Verification
  4. CD / DVD Production
  5. Quality control
  6. CD / DVD painting
  7. Packaging y logistics
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