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Recordable CD & DVD customization

Between this CDs or DVDs....

... and these others...

... there are just 49 cent difference!

Customization of recordable CD and DVD from 50 units. Just one day turn around.

Highest quality printing by the state of the arte technology to 7 color CD and DVD printing,

If you need futher information on CD and DVD customization, we call you free & no compromise if you leave your phone on the contact page.

You can get your own quotation on CD customization

Samples of CD and DVD customized by us

To see a detailed picture, click on the image

Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

The DVD & Cd copies are printed in high definition .....[know more on 7 colors hi def CD printing]

Digital CD duplication

The DVD & CD digital duplication has higher quality, is quicker and costs less....[know more on DVD & CD digital duplication]


Detail of a Digipack digital.

Digipacks are deluxe packaging...[learn more on digipacks]


Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand