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Recordable CD

Our CDr are with silvered recordable layer (no green, blue or gold).

Our recordable cds are highest quality, Triple A (AAA), with the lowest error index.

Our CDs a renowned brand:Traxdata,

Our recordable cds are printables with glossy finnish.

PVP de 0,165 euros/ud (19,96 euros/ud VAT included. Minimum order, 100 cd=1 cake)

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Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

The DVD & Cd copies are printed in high definition .....[know more on 7 colors hi def CD printing]

Digital CD duplication

The DVD & CD digital duplication has higher quality, is quicker and costs less....[know more on DVD & CD digital duplication]


Detail of a Digipack digital.

Digipacks are deluxe packaging...[learn more on digipacks]


Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand